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special projects

Mountain Ranch Photography Class
October 2009

For experienced photographers looking to elevate their skills in directing models and working with a variety of lighting techniques.

Future Classes
We plan on holding several photography classes in the future. Please contact us at 623-523-1493 for class dates and more information.

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As a long time landscape and nature photographer looking to expand my portfolio to include environmental portraiture, I knew making photographs of people required new skills. I was therefore pleased to be able to take a workshop with Darrell, whose artistry and technical skill are so evident in his work. The class did not disappoint, covering all the unique aspects of location portraiture. The venue, the models, the assistants, and not least of all, Darrell’s teaching style blended perfectly to provide a comprehensive learning experience. The workshop location, a working ranch high in Colorado’s picturesque backcountry, offered nearly unlimited background possibilities and technical challenges. Lighting conditions, for example, ran the gamut from dark rooms to harsh sunlight to beautiful, soft, indirectly-lit barn interiors. For me, interacting with the models, both in posing and direction and in maintaining a connection, was the area in which I had the least confidence and experience. This was where Darrell excelled as an instructor.  Observing a professional work through a shoot is valuable in itself, but the subtle coaching provided while the students were shooting was the big payoff.  A well-timed word from Darrell was all it would take to keep the momentum of the shoot going when the thousand and one details swirling around in my head threatened to break that all-important connection with the model. Regardless of whether we were working on lighting details, setting up the composition, or talking with the models, Darrell’s approach was collaborative and low-key. He kept the students’ minds open, engaged, and thinking.  Never pedantic or prescriptive, he encouraged the students to problem solve themselves, guiding them along in an understated manner that was extremely effective. Altogether, this was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable learning experiences I’ve had the pleasure to undertake. I give it my highest recommendation.

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